samsungsamsung service center dallas

Samsung smartphones and electronics are renowned for their innovative features and sleek designs. But even the most cutting-edge technology can encounter glitches and malfunctions. When your trusty Samsung device needs a little TLC, Samsung Service Centers in Dallas are here to help. This comprehensive guide equips you with everything you need to know, from locating the nearest service center to understanding the repair process.

 samsung service center dallas

samsung service center dallas

Locating a Samsung Service Center in Dallas

Samsung offers a variety of repair options in Dallas to ensure your convenience. Here’s a breakdown of your choices:

  • Samsung Care Service Centers: These authorized Samsung locations provide a one-stop shop for all your repair needs, from warranty claims to out-of-warranty repairs.
  • Authorized Samsung Service Partners: These independent repair shops are certified by Samsung to use genuine parts and uphold Samsung’s repair standards.

Here are some of the Samsung Care Service Centers and Authorized Service Partners in Dallas:

  • Samsung Care at Frisco Stonebriar Centre (Address: 5280 SH 121, Frisco, TX 75034 | Phone: (469) 294-0135) – This official Samsung Service Center boasts a team of highly trained technicians equipped to tackle a wide range of repairs for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Samsung devices.

Samsung Care at Frisco Stonebriar Centre Dallas

CPR Cell Phone Repair – North Dallas (Address: 7500 N Central Expy, Ste 140, Dallas, TX 75206 | Phone: (214) 363-6339) – This authorized Samsung Service Partner offers repairs for a variety of Samsung devices, including screen replacements, battery replacements, and water damage repair.


uBreakiFix – Addison (Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd, Suite 104, Addison, TX 75001 | Phone: (972) 362-9999) – As an authorized Samsung Service Partner, uBreakiFix specializes in repairs for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Samsung devices. Their website allows you to schedule an appointment online for added convenience.

Contacting Samsung Service Before Your Visit

Before heading to a Samsung Service Center in Dallas, consider contacting them beforehand. This allows you to:

  • Confirm Repair Availability: Certain repairs, especially for complex issues, might require advanced scheduling or parts ordering. Contacting the service center ensures they have the necessary resources to address your specific needs.
  • Obtain a Repair Estimate: While some basic repairs might have standard pricing, a technician can provide a more accurate repair estimate after diagnosing the issue with your device.
  • Check Warranty Status: Samsung offers warranties on new devices. Understanding your warranty coverage can help determine if your repair will be covered or require an out-of-warranty fee. You can check your warranty status on the Samsung website using your device’s model number and serial number.

Here are some ways to contact a Samsung Service Center in Dallas:

  • Phone: Call the service center directly using the phone numbers provided above.
  • Online Chat: Many Samsung Service Center websites offer online chat options where you can connect with a customer service representative and discuss your repair needs.
  • Samsung Website: The Samsung website allows you to schedule appointments online at select service centers.

The Samsung Service Center Repair Process: What to Expect

The repair process at a Samsung Service Center in Dallas typically involves these steps:

  • Check-In: Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a customer service representative who will inquire about the issue you’re experiencing with your device.
  • Device Diagnosis: A technician will perform a thorough diagnosis of your device to identify the root cause of the problem.
  • Repair Estimate and Approval: Based on the diagnosis, you’ll receive a repair estimate outlining the cost and estimated repair time. You’ll need to approve the repair before the technician proceeds.
  • Data Backup (Optional): If your device is functional and your data is critical, you may want to back up your data before the repair begins. While some repairs might not affect your data, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Samsung Service Centers typically do not offer data backup services.
  • The Repair: Once you approve the repair and any necessary data backups are complete, the technician will begin the repair process.
  • Device Return: After the repair is complete, you’ll be notified that your device is ready for pickup. You may be required to present a repair claim ticket or receipt when collecting your device. It’s also a good idea to test the repaired functionality of your device before leaving the service center.
  • Warranty: Samsung Service Centers provide warranties on their repairs. The specific warranty duration may vary depending on the repair type and the service center’s policy. Be sure to inquire about the warranty coverage for your specific repair.

Beyond Basic Repairs: Specialized Services Offered by Samsung Service Centers in Dallas

Samsung Service Centers in Dallas offer a range of services beyond basic repairs. Here are some additional services you might find:

  • Data Recovery: If you’ve accidentally deleted important data from your Samsung device, some service centers might offer data recovery services for an additional fee. However, data recovery success rates can vary significantly.
  • Software Upgrades and Troubleshooting: Facing software glitches or outdated operating systems? Samsung Service Centers can help with software updates and troubleshoot software-related issues.
  • Accessory Sales: Many service centers also sell genuine Samsung accessories like chargers, headphones, and cases.
  • Trade-In Programs: Looking to upgrade your Samsung device? Some service centers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old device for a discount on a new one.

Choosing the Right Samsung Service Center in Dallas: Factors to Consider

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right Samsung Service Center in Dallas:

  • Location: Convenience plays a role. Choose a service center that’s easily accessible to you.
  • Services Offered: Does the service center offer the specific repair or service you need?
  • Repair Costs: Compare repair costs between different service centers to find the most competitive option.
  • Customer Reviews: Read online reviews from previous customers to get an idea of the service center’s reputation.
  • Warranty Coverage: Ensure the service center offers a warranty on their repairs that meets your expectations.

Conclusion: Samsung Service Centers in Dallas: Your Partners in Device Care

Samsung Service Centers in Dallas stand ready to assist you in maintaining and repairing your Samsung devices. By understanding your repair options, the repair process, and the additional services offered, you can make informed decisions to ensure your Samsung devices continue to perform at their best. Remember, with a little TLC and the expertise of qualified technicians at Samsung Service Centers in Dallas, you can keep your Samsung devices functioning smoothly for years to come.




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