Privacy and confidentiality of information

We appreciate your interest in the privacy of your data, so visitors and customers of the Pixels Seo website are of great importance to us. In the next lines we will explain the extent to which we receive information or data about visitors.

Log Files:

Access to our site requires login files such as any web site, but not limited to (information about the type of browser, your service provider, the IP number of the device, any Internet protocol, the source of traffic from any country, the time it takes to browse our site , Date of entry and exit of the last visit, knowledge of user navigation between the pages of the site, the number of clicks clicked to see the important places on our site.

Subscribe to mailing list:

If you have subscribed to our mailing list and registered your e-mail address, your e-mail address will remain confidential and we can not even contact you unless you agree. We will also occasionally email you to provide you with some new services and strong offers. You can unsubscribe at any time so you do not receive any emails.

Links to other sites:

You may find links to our site in other sites, such as an ad link to our site in the advertising program “Google Adsense” and requests this site some data from you, we are not responsible for these sites because they have their own privacy, we are just an external link only to these sites and we have no attribute linking us These sites are not close or far away.

“Quicks” link files

The site of Pixels Seo can get the cookies of the user’s browser, which includes the settings of visitors, and saves the visitor information so that we facilitate the visitors every time access to our site and our user information is kept strictly confidential, and if you do not want to turn on the Save Cookies ” “You can do this easily with the settings for your browser.

contact information:

We do not ask for any information from users unless they voluntarily agree to do so, in order to facilitate contact with us at any time, and if we provide information about users we undertake to keep this information confidential and not to disclose to anyone.

Amendment to Privacy Policy:

We have the right to amend any privacy policy if necessary, while maintaining the user’s notification of the data we will obtain from users, and the user has the full right to accept or reject this order.

Contact us:

Pixels SEO accepts any queries or questions from visitors and users at any time on the e-mail below. Please feel free to contact us at any time, and we are ready to receive any questions or if the user has any problem. Problem, in addition to that we receive any advice with a large chest in favor of the user, and also if the user sees that the company lacks a service we do not have and need it we will try to provide them as soon as possible.